Symposium Cafe - Creme de la Creme of screwing customers and staff

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I cannot form a true sentance to describe the horrors i found dining AND working at this place.First off, being someone having 13 years in and out of the food service industry, on my first shift found more health and safety infractions then i could of kept count at.

Washing of hands over food, staff horking phelgm into garbage cans, no regard for personal hygiene, and serving food that was past the *** of spoiled and/or rotting. in the 30 or so shifts i worked, EACH and EVERY time, ALL the uncooked meats were rotting and smelt horrid, food was picked up off the barely washed floors and served, and no rotation of product was ever done. The owners paid me less then i worked, and when approched were rude and arrogant, and also refused to tip me out once i gave my notice of termination of employment. They are only concerned with squeezing money out of you, the customer and as well, ripping off thier staff.

they even went as far as taking off unpaid breaks, when i dident even work that sepecefic amount of hours.This is not a revenge post, more of a warning, the place is FILLED with roaches, so large I have never seen them that big, and they werent concerned about the issue, just making sure the customer did not see it.

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one of my relative was somehow promised good sales and help from the corporate office but at the end it never happened and if did it was at extra cost.

Not a good investment for a franchise.


Same. Simple just don't go back...

to Foodgal #747174

I never did, nor would I.The owners of that company do anything to make their financial books look fantastic, then they sell the location to a franchisee, and move to a new location and do same.

Sadly, this is what they do.

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